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The Sunrise official video release, The Jesus Movement

The Sunrise revives the 1970s Jesus Movement via song, pictures and video with their second official music video, The Jesus Movement.


The Jesus Movement by The Sunrise: 1970s Christian history documented in a song – Jesus Music, Jesus People!

The Sunrise is happy to announce that we will be releasing the official music video for our song, The Jesus Movement on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 7:30 PM.

 The Sunrise song The Jesus Movement gives a history of the Christian Jesus People, Jesus Movement and Jesus Music of the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Artists like Keith Green, Larry Norman, and Lonnie Frisbee are included in this song along with Pastor Chuck Smith from Calvary Chapel.

 Watch a promotional video on The Jesus Movement music video release here:

What is the Jesus Music Movement?

Many of you may have never heard of the “Jesus Music Movement” of the 1970’s.  As The Sunrise is heavily influenced by this music, here is a bit more information about it:

From About.com (http://christianmusic.about.com/od/trivia/a/ccmhistory.htm):

“The “Jesus Movement” of the 1970’s was when things really started changing and Christian music began to become an industry within itself.   Some of the pioneers of the times were:

  • Larry Norman – A true pioneer in Christian alternative rock since the 1960’s, he is called the “father of Christian rock” by many.
  • Marsha Stevens – The leader of Children of the Day is called the “mother of contemporary Christian music” by The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music.
  • Nancy Honeytree – Nancy carries the nickname the “First Lady of Jesus Music,” as she was one of the few female artists to emerge from the Jesus Movement.
  • Chuck Girard – He was one of the first Contemporary Christian artists, getting his start in a church in California.
  • The 2nd Chapter of Acts – This popular group released sixteen albums over a sixteen-year period.

These artists, and others like them, took the music that spoke of Jesus and merged it with the times.  Christian music became more “user friendly” and revival was sparked.”

Here is a video featuring music by Larry Norman and pictures from the 1970’s Jesus Movement:

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