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Have Christians completely lost the culture war?

Did anyone watch the Grammys? Did you catch Katy Perry’s performance?

What do you think about her wearing a cross on her outfit while demons dance in the background, a circle is cast, and fire rages around her?

For those of you who haven’t seen Katy Perry’s performance from the Grammys, you can watch it here:

Christian artist Natalie Grant tweeted that she left the Grammys because the performances were in conflict with her faith.

What, if anything, can we as Christians do to impact this culture in a more positive way?


A Tribute to Pastor Chuck Smith founder of Calvary Chapel

You may have heard about the recent passing of Pastor Chuck Smith founder of Calvary Chapel, and one of the most influential figures in modern American Christianity. We are saddened by this news, and are praying for his family.

The Sunrise song, The Jesus Movement, features a tribute to Chuck Smith. The video contains a reference to him, and footage of him as well.

The Jesus Movement song gives a history of the Jesus Movement and Jesus Music of the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Watch the video here:

The Sunrise official video release, The Jesus Movement

The Sunrise revives the 1970s Jesus Movement via song, pictures and video with their second official music video, The Jesus Movement.

The Jesus Movement by The Sunrise: 1970s Christian history documented in a song – Jesus Music, Jesus People!

The Sunrise is happy to announce that we will be releasing the official music video for our song, The Jesus Movement on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 7:30 PM.

 The Sunrise song The Jesus Movement gives a history of the Christian Jesus People, Jesus Movement and Jesus Music of the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Artists like Keith Green, Larry Norman, and Lonnie Frisbee are included in this song along with Pastor Chuck Smith from Calvary Chapel.

 Watch a promotional video on The Jesus Movement music video release here:

The Sunrise Promotes Marriage by Releasing First Official Music Video, We Have Not Heard

The Sunrise We Have Not Heard

The Sunrise album We Have Not Heard


The Sunrise Promotes Marriage by Releasing First Official Music Video, “We Have Not Heard” Featuring Phil Keaggy and Joe Vitale.

Cleveland, Ohio (March 28, 2013) – After receiving praise from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chris Hillman of the Byrds, and enlisting Phil Keaggy on lead guitar and Joe Vitale on drums, Christian pop rock band The Sunrise have just released their first official music video for the song, “We Have Not Heard.”

The official music video, “We Have Not Heard,” follows a husband and wife through a crisis in their marriage and highlights the success that only a reliance on God can bring to a marriage.

Recently honored with the prestigious ASCAP Golden Note Award, Phil Keaggy is the featured lead guitarist on the song, “We Have Not Heard.” Phil Keaggy is known for his work with Glass Harp, and his faith-based solo albums.

Recognized worldwide as a drummer, solo artist, and songwriter, Joe Vitale is featured on drums on The Sunrise song, “We Have Not Heard.” Joe Vitale has performed with some of the most popular groups around including Crosby Stills and Nash, the Eagles, and Joe Walsh.

The video was created and directed by Kate Elwell of media en Route. It was filmed in Rochester, New York. The main actors: Jeremy Rath, Kim Reinagel, Carl Manning, William Steiner, and Janet Grace are perfectly selected for the roles, and allow the viewer to connect emotionally with the message of the video.
The beauty of marriage is conveyed in this video while acknowledging the ups and downs that can occur. The video, “We Have Not Heard,” shows how the importance of relying on God for strength and guidance is always the answer, both in marriage and for life in general.

The official music video for The Sunrise song “We Have Not Heard” can be watched on YouTube online at:

About The Sunrise

A husband and wife duo, The Sunrise formed in 2009, and have released two original albums. The Sunrise breaks the mold of current cookie-cutter popular music with engaging, inspirational, and often convicting songs, meant for true music fans, while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

The Sunrise’s recent album release, “We Have Not Heard,” has received very positive reviews. CCM Magazine gave the album four stars and says that it, “exudes musical and spiritual authenticity that shouldn’t be ignored.” Gospel Music Channel ( notes, “The Sunrise is certainly in a class of its own,” and calls the album, We Have Not Heard, “a title we are truly excited about.”

More information about The Sunrise can be found online at


The Sunrise Video PR

We Have Not Heard has been featured as video of the week on View From the Pugh!

the sunrise, phil keaggy, jow vitale, we have not heard, official video

The Sunrise ‘We Have Not Heard’

The Sunrise video for ‘We Have Not Heard’ has been featured as video of the week on View From the Pugh.

View From the Pugh is a blog talking about Christian concerts, movies, plays, and other cultural and family events around the Columbus and Central Ohio area.

Check it out here (scroll down for video):



The Sunrise releases our first OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO, We Have Not Heard!

Watch The SunriseWe Have Not Heard (feat. Phil Keaggy and Joe Vitale) Official video here:

We are very excited about this video, and would love to hear what you think about it!

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