“You don’t have to be a biblethumper to be against this.”

ImageThe title of this post comes from a not-so-graceful commenter on a Washington Examiner article about late-term abortions. The article addresses Live Action’s video and audio investigations at late-term abortion clinics in their “Inhuman” campaign.

The video can be watched, and the article titled “Doctor tells woman 27-weeks pregnant to have abortion on a ‘toilet'” can be read here: http://bit.ly/12zKZXu

Another commenter put it very well when she wrote, “In my life, I’ve seen, read, heard cruel situations, but this is one of the worst, if not the worst. If the woman did this to a puppy, she would be reported to humane societies. Where have we got to in this world. God have mercy on America.”

Please pray for our country.

Please pray that all women who are facing this difficult decision will choose life for their children.

Please pray that the medical personnel who are performing these tragic acts will have a change of heart.

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